Product Choice

In 2019, our Swiss-based company was founded after we recognized the need to import premium English malts that were not readily available for our brewery. Since then, we have been selective in choosing the products we offer, ensuring that they meet our high standards.

We firmly believe that Crisp and Warminster offer some of the best malts and cereals for brewers and distillers. With these two malsters, you can find every type of malt you need to create exceptional beers and distilled spirits.

Our WHC yeast is a dream come true for brewers and distillers who seek high-quality yeast at a fair price. We are confident that brewers and distillers who have tested our yeast are pleased with the results and are excited to try new products from us.

For over 130 years, Murphy has been supplying 90% of the breweries in the UK, and this speaks volumes about the quality of their products.

We only add new suppliers to our range when we are confident that they will add value to our customers. All of our suppliers offer advice and support to us and our clients, as we believe knowledge and support are crucial to brewers and distillers.

We are always open to hearing from our clients about the products they would like to see added to our existing range. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

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