Super F Finings

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Super F is a rapid and effective fining agent that is suitable for vegans. Fining agents have been employed for centuries to achieve the production of visually clear and vibrant beer. Whether used independently or in conjunction with filtration or centrifugation processes, Finings can enhance and optimize their efficiency. We offer a diverse range of products tailored to address various brewing challenges, and our team is delighted to assist you in discovering the most suitable option for your needs.


Super F is a highly concentrated formula that delivers remarkable results. With its low dosage range of 75ml to 175ml per hectoliter, you can achieve exceptional clarity within just 48 hours. For optimal performance, we recommend regular usage of Super F, and you can find detailed information in our Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

Here’s a helpful tip: Super F yields the best results when used at a temperature of 5°C. It even works effectively with dry hopped beer, provided that the majority of hop solids are removed before adding Super F.

Benefits of Super F include:
– Suitable for beer styles with heavy dry hopping.
– Can be used in various packaging formats such as bottles, kegs, cans, and casks.
– Low dosage rates.
– Remains stable at ambient temperatures.
– Ensures consistent clarity without the need for centrifugation or filtration.

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