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Surprising as it may be for some, utilizing Antifoam FD20PK correctly can actually enhance the foam of the final beer. Our food-grade formulation offers a wide range of applications and exhibits exceptional efficacy even at low usage rates. It can be effectively employed in both the kettle and fermentation vessels. Notably, it is classified as a processing aid, ensuring that it does not transfer into the final product through standard beer processing and recommended usage rates.


Antifoam FD20PK is a silicone based emulsion which has been developed for brewing and distilling where a quick knockdown of foam is required. It can be added to the kettle, still or fermentation vessel.

It controls over foaming at wort boiling and fermentation with minimum addition as a processing aid and enables higher rates of evaporation while wort boiling.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend to dilute Antifoam FD20PK with water before use.

-Available in easy-to-use emulsion from
-Controls over foaming at wort boiling and fermentation
-Enables higher rates of evaporation while wort boiling
-Provides better control of spirit distillation
-Prevents loss of hop bittering substances
-Improves Alpha-acid utilisation
-Prevents expensive wort losses and unhygienic spillages
-Maximises CO2 recovery
-Increases fermentation capacity

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