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The glucoamylase enzyme is utilized to transform dextrins into sugars that can be fermented. This enzyme is highly favored among brewers who strive to create “low carb” super dry beers and “Brut IPA” styles, as well as distillers seeking to enhance alcohol production.


AMG or Amyloglucosidase 300 is an enzyme that helps to increase the fermentability of wort. This product is ideal to use for the production of highly attenuated low carbohydrate beers. It can also be used an alternative to priming sugar, increase filterability and improve beer shelf life. It is derived from a selected strain of an Aspergillus sp. It can be added to the mash conversion vessel, fermenter, or post-fermentation, depending on application.

• Increases attenuation and alcohol yield
• Improved wort fermentability
• An alternative to priming sugar
• Increases filterability
• Improves beer shelf life
• Ideal for use in packaged beers
• Reduces process time

TIP- Although optimum temperatures are suited to mashing, the enzyme will still work at fermentation temperatures. Thus, addition into the fermentation vessel will ensure complete dryness. For example, a 55 gravity wort ( ῀ 13.75 Plato) will produce a beer of ῀7.2% ABV.

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