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Trizyme is a liquid enzyme solution specifically designed for application in the mash tun. It is comprised of a combination of α-amylase and ß-glucanase enzymes derived from an authorized bacterial source, along with proteolytic enzymes sourced from approved vegetable origins. Trizyme also contains permitted food-grade preservatives.


Trizyme has been specifically developed to address various challenges encountered in the mash tun, such as issues like poor extract, insufficient run-off, and inadequate production of assimilable nitrogen during fermentation.

Furthermore, Trizyme effectively tackles problems associated with sluggish or incomplete fermentations, as well as issues related to altered yeast cropping and yeast suspension levels.

In the case of cask conditioning, Trizyme helps combat slow fining, loose bottoms, and a lack of overall brilliance. These symptoms may arise from the use of barley varieties that are not inherently suitable for achieving a well-balanced modification. Trizyme offers a triple approach to tackle such problems at the earliest stages possible.

Additionally, Trizyme can be employed alongside non-malted adjuncts to provide the essential α-amylase and ß-glucanase enzymes required for producing high-quality worts with satisfactory extract levels.

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