DWB (20Kg)


Dry Water Burtonisation (DWB) is a traditional salt blend consisting of food-grade acid. It is specifically designed for reducing alkalinity in brewing.


DWB is a formulated blend used to adjust the calcium levels and to add chloride, which imparts palate fullness and add sulphate, which enhances drier bitter flavours.

DWB reduces the pH during mashing and wort boiling which improves enzyme activity. It also promotes the precipitation of unwanted proteins in the kettle, hop back or whirlpool

Tip: The use of calcium chloride with DWB will increase versatility as it adjusts the chloride sulphate ratio making it more suitable for darker beer styles, promoting full, sweet and roast characteristics.

It is advisable to check the analysis of your water at least once a year, or on a more regular basis if the supply changes

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Weight 20 kg

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