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Water & Wort

Beer, they say, is 95% water. But it's not just any water that makes beer special—it's what's in it that truly matters. From minerals and filtration to pH levels and water hardness, understanding and treating water is crucial in the brewing process.

Wort production is at the heart of brewing, giving beer and whiskey their unique characteristics. It encompasses milling, mashing, enzymes, filtration, lautering, clarification, and much more.

Fermentation & clarification

Fermentation is where the magic happens. Creating the optimal environment for yeast and bacteria to thrive is essential. Factors such as enzymes, oxygen, fermentation temperature, and addressing off-flavors and contamination play a vital role in crafting exceptional beer and spirit.

Achieving the aimed clarity in beer, whether it's bright or hazy, is a subject of interest. Time and cost-saving techniques, energy-efficient approaches, and striving for the best results are becoming increasingly relevant in the pursuit of clarity.

Packaging and hygiene

Packaging may not be the most glamorous topic in brewing literature, but it can make or break a beer. Streamlining the packaging process for efficiency and cost-effectiveness not only saves money but also simplifies the lives of operators.

In brewing, cleanliness is paramount. Prioritizing cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining a hygienic environment is crucial to prevent infections that could spoil even the finest brew. Ensuring proper processes, improvement, and selecting suitable products are essential to focus on the more exciting aspects of brewing.

Malt Hops Yeast

Now we get to the good stuff. Every brewer aspires to use the finest raw materials available. Dive deep into the world of malt and cereals, hops and hop products, yeast and bacteria. Learn how to select them, understand the factors that differentiate good from exceptional products, interpret analysis sheets, and properly store your ingredients. There is always more to discover about these key elements of brewing.

Supply chain and Cost control

Efficiently sourcing materials and securing supplies is now a critical aspect of brewing. Balancing cost control with ensuring the quality of raw materials, packaging goods, and other supplies is vital for profitability and streamlined production. At Brewworks, we understand the importance of making informed decisions and can provide valuable insights into this ever-evolving logistics landscape.

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